Our Club

Live4Tri is a club designed to help triathletes of all levels do more, feel better, and go farther then they thought possible

Our members have varying degrees of experience, which enables us to share knowledge with people aiming for their very first triathlon or those preparing for an Ironman. We all started somewhere and recognize the importance mentoring people at every level of skill.

Raising awareness and support of important causes is a central theme in our club. We focus on various causes that are important to our members so we can help each. We have raised money for different causes: Cancers, Rare Diseases, Autism, and Mental Health issues.

We are a group of people with diverse backgrounds and motivators, but what connects all of us is a desire to challenges ourselves, inspire each other, and have fun along the way. If this sounds like you, please contact us at inquiry@ Live4Tri.com.

Our Mission

  • Providing a multi-sport club that promotes healthy and active lifestyles for the South Jersey & Greater Philadelphia cooridor Communities.

    L4T strives to be an all-inclusive team that has something for everyone, from the aspiring athletes and weekend warriors, to the elites who can keep up with some of the professionals. Our mission statement defines what we would like to acheive!

  • L4T develops crossfit endurance on and off season.

    A triathlete is a "crossfit" endurance athlete that must be able to do the three sports (swimming, cycling and running) in a manner that gets them across the finish line in the least amount of time. L4T members and coaches use direct, effective training techniques to ensure all our members cross the finish line.

    We work together year round, even in the winter and off season, to ensure everyone remains phyiscally healthy, while getting stronger and faster. Our couches work with you to developing training plans that compliment your training in the competitive season. In addition to training, we plan group events, such as: Tough Mudders, Spartan Races and even Ski trips during the winter months.

  • So check out our calendar and come to one of our upcoming group training times or events!

    We are very welcoming, we even have a beginner integration committee to ensure we are doing all we can to make new members feel comfortable. Just introduce yourself to one of our veteran members and someone will tell you all about what you can expect out of us and why you will enjoy joining our team. Happy training and hope to see you out on the road!

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Thank you to everyone at Tri4Life. My first Tri was a wonderful experience. A very special THANKS to Megan - one of the more experience members!!! I could NOT have made it on that bike without you. I have been bitten by the TRI bug and I will be back. The Tri4Life group provides the most positive and encouraging environment anyone could ever ask for. Thank you all for welcoming me. I will encourage others to TRI too!

LeeAnn Miller

Live4Tri Masters has been an amazing help to me with my swim technique…every time I swam Open Water Clinic, the coaches were able to pinpoint one particular area for me to work on, and with those minor changes and their encouragement, I was able to take my swim to a whole new level! Thank you, Live4Tri!!

James Sharp

Live4Tri Bike Clubbers are super nice. The riders made me feel welcome right away and the coaches were super helpful. They had route maps and made sure that nobody was dropped or left out on the road. They even stopped and did an impromptu tire changing clinic right on the side of the road when one of the riders got a flat. I enjoyed the whole experience and plan to come back every week.

Dayle Peters

I just competed in my first triathlon at Escape the Cape. The Experienced Triathlon coaches and members I've met just recently through this group were there cheering the L4T gang on. Even cheering for me, who they barely knew. Joe and Susie have gone above and beyond since I've met them. Again all the members are phenomenal! Thanks for a great time!!! Looking forward to the next Tri and my half marathon training that is soon to begin. Thanks L4T!!!

Ryan Osterlind